Biochemistry and Applied Biotechnologies


Several groups at the IBBC work on the area of “Biochemistry and structure of protein and lipids” studying different and complementary aspects of protein and lipid structure, function and applications. The Groups are focused on the following topics: 

  • Assessing the structure-function relationship in proteins and enzymes through in vitrobiochemical and biophysical studies including the resolution of 3D structures, the identification of post-translational modifications, and protein-protein interactions. 
  • Identifying mutations that underlie diseases and conceive pharmacological therapeutic approaches by screening using functional assays, enzymatic analyses, studies using inhibitors and bioinformatics.
  • Studying cell (sub)proteoma and its variation under different conditions by mass spectrometry, mass imaging and vibrational spectroscopy including protein interactions with other cellular components (RNA, DNA, lipids, carbohydrates, metabolites) and define dynamics and localization of cellular lipids and proteins.
  • Developing applications of enzymes and proteins in different fields, including pharmaceutics and environment, exploiting a vast array of protein biochemistry approaches, including protein engineering.

Groups Involved :

Cell Biology and Membrane Dynamics
Cell Physiology
Cell Regulation
DNA replication and genome stability
Molecular Enzymology and Evolution
Environmental security and human health
Morpho-functional organization and regulation of the biosynthetic pathway
Biophotonics and Advanced Microscopies