The IBP-IGB Flow cytometry facility was established in 2010 as a shared structure among the IGB and IBP Institutes, and its equipment is in conituous implementation. Its mission is supply help in designing and perform experiments to researcher in and outside the Campus. It is located on the second floor of the Building 3 in the Pietro Castellino Campus, room 47.

The service provides:

1) Phenotypic analysis of mammalian cells:
         cell cycle analysis
         surface phenotypic cell analysis
         intracellular staining of fixed cells
         study of cell survival-apoptosis and cell proliferation.

2) Support in experimental design and assistance in data analysis


The facility offer services to internal researches with the application of fee and it is open to external users upon signing a payment agreement.
First time users have to register at http://www.igb.cnr.it/facsfc .
Registered users can book the instuments here  CLICK FOR BOOKING SERVICE


The facility is equipped with a Becton Dickinson FACSAria and a Becton Dickinson FACSCanto II


The FACSAria instrument is a cell sorter that can register up to 70,000 events/second and this guarantees a good signal linearity.It is equippedwith 2 lasers beam that detect 9 different emission signals of fluorescence for a multiparametric analysis: 7 compensated fluorescence parameters and 2 scatter parameters. The instrument can contemporarily separate 4 cellular populations by analyzing events and dividing them at a maximum speed of 3000 cells/second. To separate cells it uses a dropping device that guarantees appropriate temperature, sterility and high cell recovery.

The FACSCanto || instrument is an easy-to-use benchtop analyzer with sample direct injection in the flow cell. It can register 10,000events/second, and is configured with 2 laser beam that detect 8 different emission signals of fluorescence for a multiparametric analysis: 6 compensated fluorescence parameters and 2 scatter parameters.


The FacsFacility staff organizes courses and training
for new users and presentation of advanced application.

Members & Contact

Luciana D’apice 081 6132584
Laura Pisapia 0816132566
Pasquale Barba  0816132318
e.mail: facsfacility@igb.cnr.it