no seminars scheduled

no seminars scheduled

Upcoming Webinars

March 1, 2021

1st Seminar 11-11:30
Maria De Risi
Altered metabolism of heparan sulfate leads to developmental dopaminergic abnormalities responsible for autistic-like symptoms in lysosomal storage disorders

2nd Seminar 11:30-12
Rosaria Di Martino
Role of the orphan receptor GPRC5A in autoregulatory circuits controlling basolateral cargo export and cell polarity

March 1, 2021
March 15, 2021

1st Seminar 11-11:30
Vittorio Loffredo

2nd Seminar 11:30-12
Domenico Russo

March 15, 2021

2021 Seminars series

February 15 ( Internal Seminar)
Triaca Viviana | Targeting cholinergic metabolic deficits to improve resilience of vulnerable brain circuits in AD and T2D
Giulia Torromino | A new sex-regulated thalamo-hippocampal mechanism for memory capacity

February 1 ( Internal Seminar)
Francesco Chiani | Introduction to CNR Monterotondo Mouse Production  
Francesca Pagano | Cardiovascular repair mechanisms:from stromal cells to ncRN 

January 18 ( Internal Seminar)
Chiara Parisi | Molecular mechanisms of disease: “Zimmermann Laband Syndrome mutations in KCNH1 gene disclose new roles of potassium channel in primary cilium shaping and signalling” and “A new personalized 3D bio-printed model to study NF-kB pathways role in cancer immune suppression”
Maria Patrizia Mongiardi | “Fighting Angiogenesis in Glioblastoma”

2020 Seminars Series

November 16 ( Internal Seminar)
Fulvio Saccoccia | Multistage schistosomicidal compounds as inhibitors of HDAC8″
Paola Trono | The loss of the actin binding protein hMENA11a activates Type I IFN and inflammatory pathways, and in turn PD-L1 expression, by activating the viral sensor RIG-I

November 30 ( Internal Seminar)
Luca Cardone | Introducing the new cancer research group @ IBBC: our past, present, and future to inspire new synergies within the CNR community
Roberto Massari | Advanced functional imaging devices applied to small animals. Neuroimaging techniques to shed light on psychiatric diseases: the autism spectrum disorders case study.

December 16 ( Internal Seminar)
Giovanna Grimaldi | PARP12-catalysed mono-ADP-ribosylation: a new signaling hub in membrane transport.
Olga Ermakova | Modeling rare diseases: Pontocerebellar Hypoplasia and Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia mouse models.