Pharmacology: identification and use of natural substances

While modern medicine is focused on overcoming diseases of genetic, age-associated and life-style origin, the emergence of new viral pathogens and antibiotic resistant bacteria have opened a new frontier. The interests of several groups at IBBC lie in the development of cellular model systems that recapitulate the pathology of these diseases, using these systems for understanding the molecular basis of pathogenesis as well as for developing potential therapeutic interventions that can be translated to the clinic. The major diseases that are being studied include Cystic Fibrosis, Wilsons disease, congenital disorders of glycosylation, cancer, metabolic and neurological diseases, and viral infectious diseases.  
The different groups also have strong collaborations with industries including Dompé and, together with the chemo-bioinformatics facility at the IBBC in Naples, aim at identifying and developing small-molecule-based therapeutic strategies for pharmacological interventions.

Groups Involded

Lysophospholipid Signalling for the Development of new Therapeutic Strategies