Stefano Managò

Biophotonics and Advanced Microscopies

Napoli – Area di Ricerca NA1
+39 0816132206 (office)
+39 081 6132498 (Lab)

Biophotonics and Advanced Microscopies

My research activity is focused on Optics and Spectroscopy/Imaging, with particular interest in the study of complex biological systems and the development of new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches in the biomedical field, both on a cellular and molecular scale.

Currently, I am working on the study of internalization of organic nanoparticles for the transport of drugs in cancer cells, by Raman spectroscopy, Raman Imaging and confocal fluorescence microscopy; moreover, I am working on real-time detection of cancer bio-markers and recognition of normal or pathological cells / tissues at high resolution, by Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS) technology and its integration on optical fiber, for the diagnosis of breast cancer and thyroid cancer.


2016 PhD in Novel technologies for materials, sensors and imaging, Department of Physics, University of Naples “Federico II”, Naples.

2012 Master degree in Physics, Department of Physics, University of Naples “Federico II”, Naples.


2019-present: Researcher at IBBC-National Research Council of Italy, Naples.

2016-2019:  Postdoc at IBP/IBBC-National Research Council of Italy, Naples.

2013-2016:  PhD student at IBP-National Research Council of Italy /University of Naples “Federico II”, Naples.

A reliable Raman-spectroscopy-based approach for diagnosis, classification and follow-up of B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia
Nature Sci. Rep. 6 24821 (2016)
Managò, C. Valente, P. Mirabelli, D. Circolo, F. Basile, D. Corda, A. C. De Luca

Internalization kinetics and cytoplasmic localization of functionalized diatomite nanoparticles in cancer cells by Raman imaging
Journal of biophotonics 11 (4), e201700207 (2018) COVER LETTER: DOI: 10.1002/jbio.201700207
Managò, N. Migliaccio, M. Terracciano, M. Napolitano, N.M. Martucci, L. De Stefano, I. Rendina, A.C. De Luca, A. Lamberti, I. Rea 

Raman detection and identification of normal and leukemic hematopoietic cells
Journal of biophotonics 11 (5), e201700265 (2018)
Managò, P. Mirabelli, M. Napolitano, G. Zito, A.C. De Luca

Bioderived three-dimensional hierarchical nanostructures as efficient surface-enhanced raman scattering substrates for cell membrane probing
ACS applied materials & interfaces 10 (15), 12406-12416 (2018)
S: Managò, G. Zito, A. Rogato, M. Casalino, E. Esposito, A. C. De Luca, E. De Tommasi

Group Leader
Anna Chiara De Luca

Post-doctoral fellows:
Maria Mangini
Satheesh Elumalai



PhD student:
Alessandro Verde  

Graduate student:
Flavio Gargiulo